Solid plank

Solid plank

Practically speaking, an infinite number of widths and lengths, light and dark woods, surfaces, option of rubber joints and borders in contrasting colours along walls etc. HØRNING plank floors give you the scope to create exactly the look that will best compliment the room. Completed planks are available on request. HØRNING planks come both oiled and with an ultra matt varnished finish, providing you with the appearance and the strength of the varnish.

Solid plank

Types of pattern
Staggered / Fixed lengths
Types of wood
Ash / Bilinga / Oak / Jatoba / Merbau / Smoked oak / Teak / Walnut / Wenge
Exquisite / Living / Country
Untreated / Oiled / Varnished
Tongue/groove, micro bevel on 2/4 sides. Sharp-edged on request.
16 / 20 mm
100 / 120 / 150 / 180 mm
800-2600 mm
FSC and/or PEFC
Can be supplied on request
EN 14342
Eurofins Air Comfort Gold
Oak, ash and jatoba
Ask for our EPD declarations

NB:The images of wood types are not grading images

Types of wood

Solid planks come in the following types of wood:




Smoked oak









HØRNING’s huge variety of plank floors are made of fresh wood customised to the dimensions of the plank floors. On the whole, large dimensions will include the most variations, knots, fillings etc.

Standard solid planks come in Living grading. Ash and oak also come in Exquisit and Country gradings.

Wood is a wonderful natural material, so variation vis-à-vis descriptions and photos will always occur. Any samples show only dimension and texture and cannot show the grading. Variations will certainly occur between small samples and actual deliveries.

General uniform colour and wood structure. Variations due to growth conditions will always exist. Healthy knots and a few fillings of knots and minor cracks may be found. Whirls, small scratches and cross grains, sapwood and brownheart may be found to a small extent. Also this grade involves, that the wider and longer the planks are, the more and bigger variations, knots etc. will be found.

A more characteristic look with natural colours and wood structure. In principle free of open knots, cracks, pith etc. Whirls, healthy knots, small scratches, cross grains and silicon stains will be found depending of the wood specie. Knots occur naturally in both small and big dimensions. Open knots, cracks etc. are filled. Sapwood, brownheart and pith will be found depending of the wood specie.

Very characteristic look with all natural colour variations and wood structures. Knots of all types, sapwood, brownheart, filled knots and cracks will be found. Open knots, cracks and fillings may be found.

Types of pattern

Solid plank can be supplied and laid in an abundance of different combinations and, by adding rubber joints and borders, the options are virtually infinite.


Solid plank

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Solid plank

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Solid plank


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