A beautiful floor is all about sustainability in more than one sense of the word

Craftsmanship and dedication

Respectful processing of nature’s most beautiful material driven by a fundamental desire to create something genuine.

The Story of Hørning

Unique flooring solutions | Exclusive wooden floor

With equal measures of precision craftsmanship and creative flair, we transform carefully selected, top-quality timber into bespoke, one-off solutions that survive for generations in both large-scale prestigious buildings and exclusive private homes all over the world.


Hørning Parket News

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13. May 2019

Hørning Parket celebrates its 90th anniversary with record profits!

Hørning Parket celebrates its 90th anniversary with record profits! Hørning Parket is celebrating its 90th anniversary in great shape. The financial statements for 2018 show a record profit before tax,…

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Architectural harmony

Aarhus City Hall | Floor solutions in wood

Probably our most beautiful floor solution was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1937. Today it adorns the council chamber in Aarhus City Hall. It is a geometric, yet explosive drama at floor level, which never ceases to surprise. At least that’s what we think. Wherever you look, you discover new, fascinating plays of colours in the meticulously laid herringbone pattern. It is exclusive wooden floor.

But now it isn’t all about Arne’s herringbone and Aarhus. We have an abundance of other floor solutions in wood, which also deserve a touch of the limelight.