End Grain Floor

Cathedral of the northern lights

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14. January 2021

Cathedral of the northern lights

The building

Alta Church is located approx. 500 km north of the Arctic Circle. It was a clear wish of the Alta City Council that the church should be an architectural landmark from which one could see the Northern Lights phenomenon. The high bell tower reaches 47 meters above the ground and, together with the rest of the church, must reflect the northern lights during winter periods when it is or is very dark in the city. To achieve this reflection, the church is plated in titanium.

Choice of floor solution

HØRNING’s brick floor, like chairs and moldings, is made of oak. This contributes to the desire for a warm atmosphere and of course good acoustics. Our brick floors are made of end wood floors, which in particular makes them suitable for a floor with a heavy load and a lot of traffic.

Photo: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Name of Project
Cathedral of The Nothern Lights
Alta, Norway
Year of construction
Schmidt Hammer Lassen
End Grain Floor
Wood species
Total m2 delivered

NB:The images of wood types are not grading images


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