Origin plank

Origin plank

HØRNING Origin plank is made of carefully selected timber from trees in Danish and German forests: trees that are several hundred years old. Quality takes time. That is why it can take 2 years from the moment the trees are felled to the moment the floor is ready to be fitted. This unique solid flooring comes in particularly formidable dimensions: up to 35 mm thick, up to 40 cm wide, and up to 16 metres long. An exceptional flooring solution, which will make any room seem bigger and longer.

Origin plank

Types of pattern
Staggered / Fixed lengths
Types of wood
Ash / Douglas fir / Oak / Pine / Spruce
Exquisit / Living / Country
Tongue/groove, sharp edges or micro bevel
Up to 35 mm
Up to 400 mm
Oak up to 12 metres / Douglas up to 16 metres
FSC and/or PEFC
Can be supplied on request
EN 14342
Eurofins Air Comfort Gold
Oak and Douglas
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NB:The images of wood types are not grading images

Types of wood

Origin plank comes in Douglas fir and oak

Douglas fir



Gradings vary according to the type of wood and dimension.

HØRNING’s Origin plank floors
HØRNING’s are made of fresh wood customised to the dimensions of the plank floors. On the whole, large dimensions will include the most variations, knots, fillings etc.

Wood is a wonderful natural material, so variation vis-à-vis descriptions and photos will always occur. Any samples show only dimension and texture and cannot show the grading. Variations will certainly occur between small samples and actual deliveries.

They come untreated in Exquisite, Living and Country gradings. The planks are sanded and surface treated after fitting.

A consistently uniform interplay of colour and the wood’s texture. But growth-related variations always occur. Healthy knots and occasional fillings of knots and minor scratches may occur. A minimum of whirls, small scratches and cross grain and brown core may occur. Another aspect of this grading is that the wider and longer the planks, the greater the occurrence of larger variations, knots etc.

Vibrant appearance with natural interplay of colour and the wood’s texture. In principal, free of open knots, cracks, pith etc. Whirls, healthy knots, small scratches, cross grains and silicon stains occur, depending on the type of wood. Knots, both large and small, occur naturally. Open knots, cracks etc. are filled. Chips, brown core and pith occur, depending on the type of wood.

A very vibrant appearance with all the natural colour variations and wood textures. All types of knots, chips, brown core, filling of knots and cracks occur. Open knots, cracks and fillings may occur.

Types of pattern

Origin plank can be supplied and laid in an abundance of different combinations and, by adding rubber joints and borders, the options are virtually infinite.