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Oslo Airport

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14. January 2021

Oslo Airport

The building

Planning work for the major expansion of Oslo Airport began in 2007, and in 2012, the expansion of the main building began. In addition, it was important that the new part of the airport should be as simple, efficient and architectural as the original part. The total new area runs up to 117,000 new m2, of which HØRNING has delivered floors for 27,000 m2.

Choice of floor solution

In 2014, Oslo Airport had 24 million passengers through the terminals. It goes without saying how durable a floor it requires. Therefore, HØRNING was chosen with great pride for the task, which will continue to ensure that many millions of passengers can perform on the unique parquet floor, which requires nothing more than simple maintenance. Today, Oslo Airport can handle 32 million passengers a year. We look forward to following the history of Oslo Airport and following the development of the floors, which due to their durability will be to experience many generations from now.

Name of Project
Oslo Airport
Gardermoen, Norway
Year of construction
Knut Ramstad
Solid Parquet Block
Wood species
Total m2 delivered

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